100% NOT

“Just tried it and we loved it! Definitely an awesome option
that I'll be getting again, thanks for having vegan options.”

Darcy, via Facebook

“It's so good! I think you could give it to somebody who eats meat and they wouldn’t even know!”

Kate, via Facebook

“The vegan chicken is incredible! Tastes exactly the same as what I remember chicken tasting like.”

Jane, via Facebook

“Already had it about 5 times, SO GOOD”

Nicole, via Facebook

“I had one today and had to go back in to check with the lady if she gave me the real chicken!”

Monique, via Facebook

“Omg! Absolutely delish! I loved it. Try it even if you're not vegan. It is easily one of the best vegan fast food options.”

Stephanie, via Facebook

"It's the best meat-free meat I have tried. Can't wait to see it in more places!"

Claudia, via Facebook

“It warms my little vego heart to say that it is actually good - it's the answer to our dreams!”

Soaliha, via 5why blog