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By popular demand, Mad Mex brings back Spicy Vegan Chicken in partnership with 100% NOT

Updated: Mar 18

Plant-based food is everywhere now, and people from all walks of life are starting to adjust their diets to something that not only is good for themselves and the environment, but also delivers taste with no compromise.

Mad Mex has been a pioneer in encouraging people to make the shift with its Mad Mex Meatfree Mondays initiative, and now we’re bringing back a popular favourite to make those Mondays all the more mouth-watering.

Mad Mex, in partnership with Simplot, is putting a favourite on the menu again - the popular Spicy Vegan Chicken. Simplot’s delicious plant-based 100% NOT Chicken pairs perfectly with Mad Mex’s rich, fresh chipotle spices and flavours. It’s ideal for those who like a bit of punch in their meat-free cuisine.

What’s more, Menulog has been right behind Mad Mex Meatfree Mondays in a big way, offering free delivery of Mad Mex on every Monday in January and February, where the Spicy Vegan Chicken was available with no delivery fee to encourage trial. Consumers were able to taste and experience just how good it really was… a great way to create awareness and repeat purchase.

The last time Mad Mex offered their Spicy Vegan Chicken, they actually had people come up to staff and check they hadn’t accidentally been given real chicken! That’s how good it is, and how proud the team at Mad Mex are to help their amigos enjoy authentic Mexican flavours, and eat their way to good health.

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