Serves 10


420g uncooked sushi rice

40ml sushi seasoning

125g pickled daikon

125g cucumber

500g 100% NOT Beef

30g black sesame seeds

30g white sesame seeds

100ml teriyaki sauce

80ml soy sauce

20g nori sheets

70ml wasabi mayonnaise 


1.Cook sushi rice following packet directions, season with sushi seasoning and cool.

2.Slice daikon and cucumber and set aside.

3.Fry frozen 100% NOT Beef with sesame seeds, teriyaki and soy sauce. Set aside to cool.

Assemble the sushi with daikon, cucumber, 100% NOT Beef and wasabi mayonnaise.


These norimaki are a great vegetarian canapé. Make them vegan by omitting the wasabi mayonnaise and serve instead with a wasabi spiced soy sauce, or wasabi mixed with veganaise.