Serves 10


250g drained black beans, rinsed

250g drained corn kernels

200g diced red capsicum

250g diced deseeded tomato

50g sliced spring onion

15g fresh coriander leaves

100g finely diced red onion

200g chiffonade iceberg lettuce

5g lime zest

100ml lime juice

75ml vegetable oil

750g 100% NOT Beef

60g fajita seasoning

150g frozen Edgell Avocado Pulp, thawed

470g tortillas


1.Combine black beans, corn kernels, capsicum, tomato, spring onion, coriander, red onion and lettuce.

2.Add lime zest, lime juice and season to taste.

3.Heat oil in frypan and brown 100% NOT Beef, add fajita seasoning.

Spread avocado on tortillas, add bean and corn mixture and 100% NOT Beef strips. Roll up tortillas and serve.


Add some Mexican style hot sauce for chilli lovers.